Why Akeso CBD:

Purest form of CBD
CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. All the other plant matter in the hemp plant is removed, leaving only >99% CBD.
Made in Canada
Our hemp extracted CBD oil is proudly made in Canada from beginning to end. We are proud to partner exclusively with certified organic Canadian hemp farmers.
Simple & Organic Ingredients
Akeso Botanicals only deals with the highest quality ingredients. Our CBD is derived from non-GMO and organically grown industrial hemp from certified organic Canadian hemp farms. Our oils consist of certified organic MCT oil which is paleo and keto friendly and naturally gluten free.
THC free

Want all the endocannabinoid system benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC? We’ve got you covered! Our CBD oils are 100% THC free so you won’t feel high, no matter how much you take.

Lab tested

Every batch of our CBD is lab tested to ensure we are providing you with the highest quality product every time!

Odourless and flavourless

Our CBD combined with MCT oil is tasteless making it easy to take sublingually or mix into coffee, tea, shakes and salads.


What payment methods do you accept?
We currently offer Interac E-Transfer. Stay tuned for the addition of credit card payment processing in the coming weeks!
Is my payment information secure?
Our servers and payment checkout are 100% encrypted with the highest consumer level of security. Your payment info along with any other information is fully secure.
How long after I send payment does it take process my order?
If you place an order during business hours (9am-5pm weekdays EST), your order will be processed on the same day. If you place the order after 5pm EST, your order will processed the following business day.

About CBD

Does taking CBD make you feel high?
No! Our CBD oil is made with CBD isolate from industrial hemp plants and does not contain any THC.
What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil?
CBD is extracted from all parts of the hemp plant (flower, stalk, leaves). Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds and does not contain any CBD.
What is CBD isolate?
CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. All the other plant matter in the hemp plant is removed, leaving only >99% CBD.
How is CBD isolate made?
After the hemp is harvested, it goes through a CO2 extraction process that removes the terpenes, flavonoids and other plant matter.
What is the onset time of CBD and how long does its effects last?

When taken sublingually, most users claim they feel the effects within 15-30 minutes. The effects can last 6-8 hours.

Can you overdose on CBD oil?

You cannot overdose on CBD. The WHO conducted a large study that found no evidence of overdose potential (see link here). A general rule of thumb for dosage: take 1-6mg for every 10lbs you weigh.

What is the shelf life of CBD?

An unopened bottle will generally last 12-18 months and another 12 months once it is opened. Be sure to store out of direct light, heat and humidity.

Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping?
We charge a flat rate to anywhere in Canada of $10. Orders over $150 receive free shipping always!
Where does Akeso ship to?
We currently only sell and ship within Canada.
How do I return my item?
Please revise our refund policy. Available HERE